Monday, December 15, 2008


What? A lot of Egyptian pets were buried and mummified. Are you wondering why? Well i have the answer to that question! Pets were buried out of fondness and food for the deceased humans. Wow! I had no idea deceased people could get hungry! Also they were ritually killed and mummified as offerings to the god, hoooohahahahooooohahaha. Another reason is that certain sacred animals were mummified of natural causes. It is possible though that some pets were killed when their owner died. Soon the Egyptians thought that the animals represented gods and goddesses. As explorers have done more research they have come up with the idea that animals began to be raised for the specific purpose of being turned into mummies. How cruel! The Egyptians believed that you could almost take anything with you, they packed up pets, furniture, and clothes that might be useful on the flip side! There was quite a crazy group of mummified animals. They found remains of reptiles and animals such as dogs, apes, bulls, rams, and even an occasional hippopotamus. Man would they need a lloottt of linen for that! Believe it or not the most mummified animal was a cat. MEOW! Sound crazy? Animal cults focused on one specific animal in which the spirit of god would reside and be worshipped for the animals lifetime. Just like a president a new animal would then be chosen, but they chose their new animal for its special markings. Talk about an easy election! Some pets were given quite elaborate burials by their owners. And my parents call me spoiled! These animals that served as pets were occasionally buried with their owners.

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