Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Egyptians created mummies...but why?!?!?!?!?!

Why do you think Egyptians created mummies? There are MANY reasons...
At first Egyptians buried their people in the desert not really thinking anything of it. Its a good thing they did because that is how mummification got started! The Egyptians observed that bodies preserved under the desert were dried out and preserved all by their self! Whoah! Based on this observation, they believed that a person's spirit, or soul, lived on after their death. That's probably why they believed that the body and soul had to stay together like two pees in a pod after death. In case they lost each other it was important that the spirit could recognize its body in the afterlife so that it would have somewhere to live. The best way to help the soul was to preserve the body through mummification. They believed that the spirit could eat, play, and enjoy all the things it did during life. But how? You guessed it. The Egyptians burial had to provide everything for life in the tomb. Oh! Duh! That why they put some funky things in the tombs. Also inside, the tombs walls were decorated with scenes from life--sports, banquets, and everyday activities. Wait. Hold up! You are probably thinking this is a little crazy! I know i do! They did all these weird things because they wanted the people they loved to live forever in the afterlife. You know that for this to happen they had to be preserved so they were PERFECTO! This is very important so they can turn into the god Osiris.....Did i not tell you about the transformation to Osiris? Lets back track. The Pharaohs most importantly had to be preserved just right because they were believed to "magically" turn into the god Osiris. But c'mon we all know that could never happen. Could it?

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