Monday, December 15, 2008

Eygptians improved!

As the years went on the Egyptians improved mummification A LOT!

Old Kingdom-Very few mummies survived because mummification techniques were primitive. Therefore the bodies were poorly preserved. Explorers discovered many body parts such as hands, feet, legs and heads!!!! Ewww! Can you image finding a head with no body? I would be terrified! The reason they only found body parts was because they had 2,000 more years to decay than a Ptolemaic mummy. That's a long time!

Middle Kingdom-During this time period the Egyptians got smart and started to build pyramids with entrances on the south side to fool robbers(p.s. They used to be on the north side of the pyramid). How sneaky!!! Then they would cover the entrances with facing stones. They formed mazes inside the tombs to confuse the thieves. Now that would be a tough situation! But even after doing all this, the robbers still found ways to get into the pyramid!

New Kingdom-During these years the Egyptians started the removal of the brain. Wait. What? They removed the brain? How creepy! This might not make since to you but the Egyptians believed that the brain was a snot-maker. Man where they wrong! We believe that the brain is one of the most important parts of our body. After removing the brain they would stuff the skull with linen.

Late period-Not one single mummy was found after the twenty-second dynasty. None! Nothing! Not one single iota! This might be because this was the time of war, ugh i hate war! Cant the world just all get along?! This era was a very confusing time to where explores aren't even sure how the dynasty should be numbered. They need to get there act together! But from what we know they started the use of bitumen to cover the mummy. This made the mummies seem almost as a glass like structure. Because of all the upheavals there was little known about the late period :(

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