Monday, December 15, 2008

Leading it all up!

Have you ever wondered...what made Egyptians even think of creating a mummy? I have. Its pretty simple. It was done by accident at first (isn't everything?). Ancient Egyptians buried their deceased underground just the same as us. They first buried them in sand. Later they found out that they had naturally preserved the bodies! Soon they started to think that people lived after they died. (hmm...sounds pretty crazy!). As they began to believe that bodily preservation was connected to immorality, they started changing up their ways of mummification. They continued to bury people in the sand but they added a sarcophagus(kinde like a coffin) for the dead to lie in. They also made an addition by included things for the dead to do in the after life and needs that kept them alive. Needs? Who cares about needs!? The only important things are wants! As always there were some wants in there too. Oh no! The belongings of the descended started to get stolen by robbers! To prevent this problem the people started to burry the dead deeper in the sand to keep them form getting robbed. But of course that didn't keep that thieves from stealing! They had to then add a stone slab called a "mastaba" on top of the sand. Soon enough people starting wanting more and more mastabas, after putting one on top of the other they created the first step-pyramid. Yeepy! Then as years went on they created many different types of pyramids, improving each time! Unfortunately the sand obviously wasn't going to preserve the bodies because of the bodies's environment. So what had to happen? The Egyptians had to get off the lazy buttocks and do it themselves. That must have been hard work because it took a very long time! They wanted thier way of preserving the mummies to work just as well as the bodies that lay in the desert land. As years went on the became ver successful of thier goal! :)


  1. yeahhh i agree with you, lindsay. i would want to find the body even if i had to take the llonnng journey there lol but yeah, i definitely would.

  2. yeahh i thought it was pretty insane that he started work when he was 7 too lol. well, i dunno..i guess an animal artist is someone, probablty an artist:)) makes drawings or paintings of animals...but thats just MY guess lol..thats what i thought tho, i hadnt really thought about it that much:))